Saturday, 17 January 2009

Greetings from Dorset

We move slowly in these parts. The last big thing that happened here was that the Romans arrived in AD 46. Since then it has been very quiet. So starting a Blog is quite an innovation.

However I have decided to replace the Travel Bulletins which have previously clogged my friends' inboxes by a brief note telling them whenever I publish a blog about myself or about my travels. I can put in a few pictures in the Blogs too.

I am not sure how much personal information to give but my relations and friends do not need this anyway.

My first travel news is that I am booked to fly from Heathrow to Sydney on February 10 on the way to NZ and then to South Australia. All being well I am due back at LHR - London Heathrow perhaps I should write - on March 20.

John B.